Wayne Ottum delivers thought-provoking, impactful presentations using the powerful and effective techniques found in his books, workshops, and consulting. He has educated and entertained audiences across the country, leaving them feeling empowered, energized, and motivated to become extraordinary.

The Love from Strength team also deliver extraordinary couples workshops and retreats where the Love from Strength methodology for creating an extraordinary relationship are taught in a comfortable, fun, and no pressure atmosphere.  To see our list of upcoming workshops, click here.

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The following dynamic seminars, workshops and presentations provided by Wayne are designed for organizations and associations whose members are people who desire to take their lives of those of their organization to the next level of success and become extraordinary. Click Here to contact us for more information or to book Wayne to help make your next organization or group event extraordinary.

  • Embracing Your Talents™ for Ever Greater Personal Success: Our success depends on how well we can utilize our unique gifts to create that success, to serve others, to develop and grow the relationship with our partner and family, and create a fulfilling work/life/relationship balance. Are you in touch with your unique gifts? Do you know your unique talents, learning style and natural motivations and how to use them effectively to create success and fulfillment in all areas of your life? Discover the confidence to act with intention, using your unique talents to create ever greater success in your life and career! Length: 30 minutes (presentation), 1.5 hours (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • The Couples Growth Challenge™: If you want your relationship to grow continuously and lovingly then you need to consider some key questions! Are you ready for the challenge? How will your relationship stack up? This seminar will guide you to explore your answers to the most important relationship questions and how you can improve your answers to take your relationship to the next level to achieve the extraordinary relationship you crave? A perfect option for Churches or other groups and associations.  Length: 1.5 hour seminar.
  • The Couples Growth Challenge™ Workshop: This six-session workshop guides you through the Couples Growth Challenge™ process to create a plan for ever greater relationship success and fulfillment that comes with a clear vision of your relationship, a shared purpose aligned to your unique gifts, and a set of values that drive decision-making and gives you the tools, techniques and information needed to for continuous growth. Length: 6 1.5 – 2.0 hour sessions over 3 weeks. Also available as a one-year coaching plan.

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