Living Intentionally

The power is yours to create the life of your dreams with a clear vision!

You may have heard a few of these quotes in your lifetime, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” (George Harrison). Or, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you will wind up somewhere else!” (Yogi Berra). We really like these quirky little quotes because they capture the true essence of what happens when you’re not in the driver’s seat, actively navigating your life, and living intentionally. They also touch on the extraordinary power available to you by honing a clear focus, choosing a direction in alignment with who you are, and creating a compelling vision of the life of your dreams.

We all have desires, but how do we turn them into reality if those desires are not clearly defined and naturally motivating? How can you intentionally act with confidence to create your dreams if what you are creating isn’t crystal clear? Simply saying you want to have a successful business, a meaningful life, or a great relationship without clearly defining each one is like saying, “I am going to go on the vacation of my dreams” but not specifying where you are going to go. How can you possibly get there if the destination is unknown? How can you take the steps to plan this amazing vacation without knowing the important details? It is also not enough to say, “I’m going to the beach!” Which beach? In which country? When and with whom? How will you choose to spend your time when you get there? To manifest the vacation of your dreams, to act intentionally to create it, the dream must be crystal clear.

The same philosophy holds true with your business, your life, and your relationships. These too must also be clearly defined if you are to understand what actions are required to get you where you want to go so you can begin to live your dreams. Most people take more time planning a vacation than they do planning their life! And as satisfying it is to take a great vacation, our clients tell us it is far more satisfying and rewarding to plan and intentionally LIVE the business, life and love of their dreams each and every day.

Take a moment now to consider the following questions with regard to your business and personal life:

If you own or desire to own a business, what does your successful business look like? How many employees work for you? What role will you provide and what does your work-life balance look like? How many customers, locations, products, services, etc., do you have? How profitable is your company? What is your exit strategy? Do you know the answers to these questions and have you clearly defined them in a written vision statement? Are you and everyone in your organization acting each day, with confidence, to achieve this vision? Are you routinely measuring and managing your business against these stated objectives? If not, what are you doing “unintentionally” and will that get you where you want to go?

For you personally, what does your ideal health and well-being look like? What is your vocation? How much income do you earn and what is your net worth? Where will you live and how? What types and quality of relationships (with others and the world around you) do you have? And if you’re looking for the relationship of your dreams, what does that look like? If you are already IN the relationship of your dreams, how will you maintain and nurture its growth? Are you acting intentionally each day with confidence to achieve, create or maintain this ideal view of yourself and your relationships? If not, what ARE you doing?

Creating a vision, therefore, of your business, your life, and your relationships is foundational and one of the cornerstones to finding the balance to enjoy your life’s journey. A vision statement is a clear, comprehensive, compelling and written picture of your life’s many facets – at some point in the future. This is the target, or the “to be” view of what you truly want in all aspects of your life.

By creating this clear, comprehensive, compelling and written view of the life of your dreams, then and only then can you begin to see HOW to act intentionally, today, with confidence, to create it and to LIVE it! Can you see and feel the POWER this clarity provides you? Clarity and knowledge is power. This power allows you to know, with a high degree of certainty, WHAT you need to do today to both live and achieve your desires. Imagine a life where you wake each morning knowing you are living the life of your dreams! And knowing what you need to do to intentionally, on purpose, create it! Imagine the power, the freedom and the excitement of such a life. Knowing where you are going is real choice and power!

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The choice is yours! Don’t lose another moment. It’s time to experience the power of clarity of direction and vision in your life. You are worth it!

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