We dare you to try our first Passionate Pursuit!

Passionate Pursuit #1
Meeting for the First Time

The Purpose: The purpose of this pursuit is to (re-)discover your partner and to (re-)introduce yourself to them by pretending to meet your partner as if you were meeting for the very first time, as you are today.

The Set Up: To set-up this scenario, agree to meet at a location of your choice (a hotel lounge, a bar, a coffee shop…) at a time that works for both of you, but one partner chooses the location and should arrive 15 minutes before the other to select a seat or table alone, where they can be easily “seen.” This partner is the “pursued.” The partner who arrives later is the “pursuer.” Individually, each of you is planning an evening out. You are single and available, so take the time to dress to impress and take care in your appearance.

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