We dare you to try our first Passionate Pursuit!

Passionate Pursuit #1
Meeting for the First Time

The Purpose: The purpose of this pursuit is to (re-)discover your partner and to (re-)introduce yourself to them by pretending to meet your partner as if you were meeting for the very first time, as you are today.

The Set Up: To set-up this scenario, agree to meet at a location of your choice (a hotel lounge, a bar, a coffee shop…) at a time that works for both of you, but one partner chooses the location and should arrive 15 minutes before the other to select a seat or table alone, where they can be easily “seen.” This partner is the “pursued.” The partner who arrives later is the “pursuer.” Individually, each of you is planning an evening out. You are single and available, so take the time to dress to impress and take care in your appearance.

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Active Listening = Intimate Opportunities

Make it a point to LISTEN actively today, to focus on people attempting to connect with you.  It’s amazing to realize just how disconnected we’ve become as a society…  Distractions of our own thoughts, cell phones, TV, radio, computers and work… Set them all aside for a few moments and INTENTIONALLY zero in your focus on your loved one, be still and listen with your heart.  Connect, receive, respond, acknowledge, and share and experience an intimate moment today.  Enjoy!

Intimacy as the Foundation of a Relationship

Intimacy is the foundation of a loving relationship on which romance and passion are built and sustained, as well as the engine that drives the romantic energy in the relationship.  Intimacy is about the connection, direct communication, understanding, and trust that come from close association, contact and familiarity, and very personal and private interactions between two people.  Being intimate says, “I love you,” and so much more!

The Passion Pyramid

The Passion Pyramid

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A snippet from our new book, “Create Intimacy… in as little as 8 seconds a day! Ignite the Passion you Crave”

“First things first, what IS intimacy?

According to Webster’s dictionary, intimacy is defined as, “the state of being intimate; belonging to or characterizing one’s deepest nature; marked by very close association, contact, or familiarity; a warm friendship developing through long association suggesting informal warmth or privacy; and something of a very personal or private nature.”

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the dictionary has to say about intimacy; what really matters is what intimacy means to you and your partner!  In our experience, we found most couples have never really talked about this, let alone thought much about it themselves.  It is time to better understand yourself and your partner in that regard, and this little book will help you do just that.  Knowledge is power and understanding your needs and the needs of your partner is the key to getting more of the intimacy you both crave.

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